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ACRC Long Run

Posted by Erik on July 24, 2017 at 1:05 PM

Sunday August 23 2017

Temperature: 75

Humidity: 85

Felt Like: 85

Mileage 14 miles

“If you build it they will come” that was the quote of the day. Today we met with some of the fastest runners in San Antonio to run from McAllister park and it is Alamo City Running Clubs biggest gathering to date. The plan was to run easy since we were still hurting from Orange leaf half Marathon so no faster than 7:00 Min Pace and starting at about 8 Min pace. Right off the start you can tell that the bodies around me are all thin skinny gentlemen and my wifey who are here just to enjoy a good company with friends and great group run.

As the start you can feel the humidity chocking your every skin cell. Started sweating profusely at the beginning of run and did not stop throughout the run. Legs felt weak and tired and my mind was hoping to have stayed in bed this morning, However, sight of seeing so many runners get up to join us this morning just made me want to keep going, even though my body was screaming “stop!!! Stop!!! Quit!!!” My Mind Said “No keep going, keep moving, keep running, You are stronger”. Today the miles did not become easier, the tiredness feeling was there, the pace got faster and the conversations got funnier so the body kept going.

Running is always a love hate relationship, the body will always try to take the easy way out because it will always want to do the least amount work possible, to spend the least amount of energy. The difference between a runner and the rest of the world is your mind saying “I will keep going” because the euphoric feeling after and for the rest of the day is like no other.

Your mind is stronger than you think…. Running is 30% body and 75% mental.

Here is the link to todays run and selfie. See you on the Next Run!!!



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